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Religion and atheism discussion

I hope this is of interest and is appropriate to the community, but if not please let me know and I'll delete! I've posted a piece about religion and atheism in my journal. It covers several things, but mostly it's written as a formal reply to people who argue against atheist views, and is intended (hopefully!) to stimulate discussion. Comments are most welcome! You can find it here.

Critical Thinking On Israel: Proposals for the Problem of Palestine

Thank the Gods for the person who posted this in their Live Journal! I agree with every word! the second proposal, about allowing non-Jews to speak against Israel, is something I've been doing for years now. And yes, I've been called every name you can imagine for it- including "Anti-Semite". Calling me that doesn't make me that, and it hasn't stopped me from criticizing these bloodthirsty maniacs.

After reading more Jung, it is perfectly clear to me that the West created Israel- and allows the insane Zionists to get away with mass murder- because of a fraudulent sense of "collective guilt" that we are all taught to have regarding the Jews of Europe after centuries of anti-Semitic currents in mainstream society. The Catholic church has a large role to play in this, but that's another story.

So here is some good, rational thinking about the problem of Israel, and what it means to us.

Israel: Three Proposals From Counterpunch Magazine

1. Get rid of the illusion that Israel is "useful" to the West.

Many people, especially on the left, persist in thinking that Israel is only a pawn in an American capitalist or imperialist strategy to control the Middle East. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Israel is of no use to anybody or anything but its own fantasies of domination. There is no petroleum in Israel, or Lebanon, or Golan, or Gaza. The so-called wars for oil, in 1991 and 2003, were waged by the United States, with no help from Israel, and in 1991 with the explicit demand from the United States that Israel stay out (because Israel's participation would have undermined Washington's Arab coalition). For the pro-Western petro-monarchies and the "moderate" Arab regimes, Israel's ongoing occupation of Palestinian lands is a nightmare, which radicalizes much of their populations and threatens their rule. It is Israel, by its absurd policies, that provoked the creation of both Hezbollah and Hamas and that is indirectly responsible for much of the recent growth of "radical Islam".

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May Hades Swallow Israel Whole

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – With booms from artillery and airstrikes keeping them awake, the 10 members of Lubna Karam's family spent the night huddled in the hallway of their Gaza City home.

Earlier strikes shattered the living room windows, letting cold air pour in. The Karams haven't had electricity for a week and have run out of cooking gas. The family, including three small children younger than four, eats cold, canned beans.

"It's war food," said Karam, 28. "What else can we do?"

As Israel's offensive against Hamas moves from pinpointed airstrikes to ground fighting and artillery shelling, Gaza's civilians are increasingly exposed. Some two dozen civilians were killed within hours after the start of Israel's ground invasion Saturday night.

Israel says eight days of aerial bombardment, followed by the ground invasion, seek to undermine Hamas' ability to fire rockets at the Jewish state. So far, more than 500 Palestinians and four Israelis have been killed. Palestinian and U.N. officials say at least 100 Palestinian civilians are among the dead.

The ground offensives will put Israeli solders, Gaza militants and civilians in much closer quarters.

The guiding principle of Israel's ground invasion is to move in with full force and try to minimize Israeli casualties, Israeli military correspondent Alex Fishman wrote in the daily Yediot Ahronoth. "We'll pay the international price later for the collateral damage and the anticipated civilian casualties," Fishman said.

While Israeli said its airstrikes have targeted only Hamas installations and leaders, some of the bombs were so powerful that they destroyed or damaged adjacent houses.

* * *


May Israel and its warmongering Zionist leadership all die by righteous causes;
May Israel and its warmongering Zionist leadership all die by righteous hands.
May they sink into the oblivion of the Charnel House deep below-
May they be taken by the true Gods that they deny and ignore,
The Gods who will not forget Zion's murderous injustice
Which they constantly rain down on innocent women and children;
The vengeful Gods who will not forget such wanton corruption and elitism!

May all of Israel's wicked fall into the noose of death,
May they finally be purged from the earth;
May they forget the warmth of the sun, the coolness of water, and the sound of laughter.
May all who support the vicious Zionists join them in that choking darkness!
May their words get lost in the great and soundless regions of night.
May their hopes turn into bile and dust
May their every happiness come to nothing!

May they feel soul-shredding terror when they realize the falsehood of their God
And all that they have been taught to dearly believe since birth!

May they cry endless tears as their elitist dreams about themselves are torn away
By the hands of heartless Fate before whom no man or woman is an exception!

May they shriek in sorrow to see how they have wronged their brothers and sisters,
How in murdering the children of others, they murdered their own;
How in promulgating doctrines of monotheism and arrogance, they gave up their souls!

May the true terrorists- those who kill women and children from afar-
With bombs dropped from airplanes, indiscriminate artillery, and financial imperialism:
May they never know peace or happiness again, lost in the dark grip of the Unseen!

May those who oppose the Zionists on the ground, on the sea, or in the sky be blessed!
May the hands of Justice deliver lethal blows through these brave men and women
With great swiftness and savagery!

May all of the lands that were stolen by the Zionist invaders
Be returned to those who rightfully belong there,
And may the refugees live again in peace, their children growing strong
And no longer dying in camps and slums.
May Palestine be returned to those who belong there
And whose ancestors have dwelled there for three thousand years,
Those who can base their claims on more than myths and nonsense.

May the True Hebrews find their peaceful home
And escape the scourge of the false Israel- a corrupt house of European Jews
Who were illegally given land stolen from others by British and American overlords
And who are propped up to this day by the might of America alone
And given free reign to terrorize others.

To all who have colluded in this terrible injustice to man:
May you fall victim to the terrors written here with great swiftness.
And may a day come soon in which Zionist Israel exists no longer.