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Faith Versus Reason

The Claims of Faith, The Methods of Science: Whose Champion are You?

The Clash of Faith and Science
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An Arena for the open struggle of Faith and Science:

NO MODERATION, No Holds Barred.

Are you a "believer" or a non-believer? If your case is airtight, THEN MAKE IT.

If you want to speak for Faith or Religion, be prepared for a sore test of your will and faith.

If you want to Champion Science, be prepared to have your words raked across the fire.

Both sides should be prepared to have their ideas challenged at the deepest level.

This is no place for Fear.

Some will change sides. Can your argument win a new convert? Can you save someone from lack of belief... or from their religious beliefs?

DEBATE IS WAR. For some, the war is over human minds. For others, human souls.

Who will come out on top? Ultimately, you must decide for yourself, based on the arguments presented, but a panel of Five Judges, (two Christians, one Buddhist, and two Atheists) Will rate each discussion after it is over, as well as each particpant in the discussion on a scale of 1-10, and say to which side the debate seems to be leaning, as well as to what quality each participant made their case. High quality participants who demonstrate extreme fairness, objectivity, and knowledge of the art of debate will be asked to become judges.

* * *

There are some who say Faith is the cornerstone of Human Life. There are others who say that Reason is the light that breaks every darkness. Some say there is no conflict between faith and reason- But we beg to differ.

This conflict has driven the evolution of our world for thousands of years. Is it all going somewhere? Is mankind getting better thanks to skeptical, agnostic or scientific worldviews? Or does the quest for technology and the rising acceptance of mental and spiritual doubt as a legitimate position threaten mankind in an essential way? Are things in this world getting better or worse? Is there a deeper purpose to life than just what greets our senses?

POLITICS and ETHICS will also be discussed and debated here, in a less formal (but no less important) way. Feel free to bring up anything that involves more than one opinion or way of looking at the world, that are in conflict.

Make your opinion known. Make your argument clearly- There is only one condition for participation in this community: Be Educated about what you believe, and be prepared to take harsh criticism. Keep an open mind- without an open mind, no true debate or growth can occur.

Racist comments of any type will not be allowed. A person has any and all rights to crticize ancient peoples, religions, books, events, practises, what have you. But Racism (and all of its lesser adjuncts, like anti-semitism) is defined very clearly, for this forum as stating that you think a racial, religious, or ethnic group of people should be harmed, killed, denied civil rights, or discriminated against, for no other reason than the fact that they belong to a certain group. It also includes making statements that suggest that people who belong to these groups are less than human. That's it. If you make racist statements, or accuse others of making them, or accuse others of being "racist" or "anti-semitic" when in fact these people have not broken the above rule, you will be banned.

NEEDED FOR THIS COMMUNITY: Pastors, Preachers, Priests, Rabbis, Lay Ministers, Lay Faithful, Well-educated and opinionated Drama Queens, as well as Science Majors, Skeptics, Philosophers, Free Thinkers, and Trouble Makers.

The Moderator of this community is not a christian, nor an atheist; She has no bias to either side. Her own beliefs mean nothing in regards to the purpose of this community. She welcomes any and all case-makers, debunkers, warriors for religious causes, and hard materialists. She welcomes conflict, drama, and TRUE EXCHANGE OF OPINIONS in a MODERATION FREE ENVIRONMENT.

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